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Accredited CE Courses

Eyeglass disinfection with UVC, UVC as a disinfectant

Eyeglass Disinfection – Safe, Effective and Fast

1.00 Credit • FREE • Expires 12/1/2021
Grantor: Zeiss, Inc.
Level: 1 Hour - Ophthalmic Level 1
Varilux Comfort Max Essilor Progressive Lens technology, Posture Digital Screen Ergonomics

Delivering Postural Flexibility for the PAL Wearer

1.00 Credit • FREE • Expires 12/1/2021
Grantor: Essilor
Level: 1 Hour - Technical - Level II
Spark MI Up, Freeform, Shamir, As Worn, Digital Tools, Precision Measurements

What’s Behind that Mirror - Technology to Enhance the Eyewear Patient Purchasing Experience

1.00 Credit • FREE • Expires 11/30/2021
Grantor: Shamir Optical

The Mystery, the Magic & the Science behind the Ophthalmic Lens Blank

1.00 Credit • FREE • Expires 10/31/2021
Grantor: PPG Industries
Level: 1 Hour - Ophthalmic Level 2
Lens wipes, Anti-fog, Smart device wipes, eCommerce, Retail, Practice building

Keep it Clean and Fog Free - Lens and High-Touch Single-Use Surface Solutions

1.00 Credit • FREE • Expires 11/1/2021
Grantor: Zeiss, Inc.
Lenses, Sports Eyewear, Frames, Wrap Frame

Mapping a Course for Growth with Sports eyewear

1.00 Credit • FREE • Expires 8/31/2021
Grantor: Rudy Project

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IOT Free-Form Insights Part 6

Imagine your typical workday. Are you spending hours staring at a screen? Based on the national average, we spend roughly six hours per day at a desk, in front of a computer.