Retail Strategies

September 2020 Retail Strategies

2020 Fatigue, Are You Feeling It?

I know I’m not alone when I say that I’m tired. I know that my optical family understands and feels my pain when I say that I am the most exhausted I’ve ever been in my optical career.
September 2020 Retail Strategies

Pride Power Progress

Face shields and valved masks — two options many people find more comfortable than cloth face coverings — appear to be less effective at blocking viral particles than regular masks, a new study shows.
September 2020 Retail Strategies

Join industry veteran and Master Optician, Pete Hanlin, for a free ABO CE Webinar,to learn about the latest generation of VariluxⓇ lenses -- VariluxⓇ Comfort Max.

It’s a fact - people are spending more time in front of computer screens and smartphones than ever before. Increasingly digital lifestyles often dictate that PAL wearers adopt rigid, uncomfortable positions in their daily lives
September 2020 Eyes/Optics

Registration Opens for the Virtual Vision Monday Global Leadership Summit Series

Registration is now open for the Vision Monday Global Leadership Summit, a virtual event series that will examine how the COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping business, culture, and consumer attitudes.
July 2020 Retail Strategies

Things I’ll Take with Me

It certainly felt like the earth shifted on its axis on or about March 13th, 2020. For me, that was the date that my business came to a screeching halt and my worries about the health and safety of my clients, my employees, and my family shot through the roof. 
July 2020 Retail Strategies

July 2020 Newsletter

2020 has been a challenge to us all in so many ways. As you get back to work, and back to business, we recognize the pressures you face, keeping yourself safe, keeping your patients safe, working with new methods and restrictions and new financial concerns.
June 2020 Retail Strategies

Let’s Go!

If you have read my previous columns, you have seen that our team worked to establish a restart protocol for each area of our practice.
June 2020 Retail Strategies

Are You Set?

Now that you have your COVID-19 team experts reporting on the measures to implement at restart, what exactly are those measures? To what degree do we change our procedures? Let me tell you what we did in our clinics.