October 2019 Lenses

It's All in the Execution

Not THAT execution! It’s the execution that takes an idea and actually makes it happen. As ECPs we look at a prescription and the patient’s needs, then design the best pair of eyewear for the patient. 
September 2019 Lenses

Make Mine ZEISS: PhotoFusion, DuraVision and a Legacy of Excellence

In the world of optics, it’s hard to think of a more reliable legacy brand than ZEISS. With a namesake stretching back to the 1800s, ZEISS lenses have been a part of some of the defining moments of optical history...
June 2019 Lenses

Bicentric Grinding

Bicentric grinding, also known as slab-off, is used to correct vertical imbalance. Typically, slab- off can be used to correct vertical imbalance over 1.5 diopters. Bicentric grinding means we are creating two optical centers on a lens. ‘Bi’ meaning two, and ‘centric’ meaning center. Bicentric grinding or slab-off is used to neutralize an unwanted prismatic effect caused by unequal refractive errors. Slab-off can be either conventional or reverse. Conventional slab-off is added to the front surface, lower part of the lens, and reverse slab-off is added to the rear surface, lower part of the lens.