July 2020 Retail Strategies

Things I’ll Take with Me

It certainly felt like the earth shifted on its axis on or about March 13th, 2020. For me, that was the date that my business came to a screeching halt and my worries about the health and safety of my clients, my employees, and my family shot through the roof. 
July 2020 Business

Looking East Again

Earlier this month, The Vision Council and Reed Exhibitions, organizers of Vision Expo, announced the decision to cancel Vision Expo West 2020, scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada from September 23-26.
July 2020 Trends/Technology

Teleoptometry – What Do Patients Think?

When teleoptometry debuted in 2015, it was met with considerable skepticism. Many wondered if it was a threat to optometrists and their patients.
July 2020 Lenses

Shamir Glacier PLUS UV Has Your Back

By now, the dangers of UV radiation are known to eye care professionals and the great majority of consumers who want 100% UV protection. But even with lenses that claim to block 100% UV, are they getting 100% protection?
July 2020 Education

Teaching Opticianry in a Post-covid World

Let me start by saying that covid is intentionally spelled with a lowercase c. I do not want to highlight that, that... disruptor of things. As I write the word lower case it brings me back to middle school when I was in printing class. 
June 2020 Business

No Ruler – No Gadgets – No Contact

When is a mirror more than a mirror? When it’s Spark Mi Up, a new device that allows ECPs to take all measurements for glasses in about 60 seconds with just a few clicks, from Shamir Insight Inc.