September 2019 Eyes/Optics

Should Professional Athletes Have to Wear Eye Protection?

Should professional athletes set an example, especially for young fans, that eye protection is important in sports by being required to wear eye protection? That question was posed in a March 2018 poll by the American Academy of Ophthalmology on their website.
September 2019 Lenses

Make Mine ZEISS: PhotoFusion, DuraVision and a Legacy of Excellence

In the world of optics, it’s hard to think of a more reliable legacy brand than ZEISS. With a namesake stretching back to the 1800s, ZEISS lenses have been a part of some of the defining moments of optical history...
September 2019 Eyes/Optics

Sports Eyewear and Children

Athletics are year-round and multi-sport. Children join organized sports from a young age through high school, and some are in sports as infants in baby swim classes, but most get involved during the preschool years.