Art of Assortment Planning

1. One of the most common assortment oversight that affects the bottom-line is
2. The percent of eye exams converted to a purchase is called
3. Patient traffic is equal to
4. The course defines pockets of business by
5. All of the following except ____________ keep a curated frame assortment fresh and relevant
6. Brand confusion and poor merchandising cause
7. To have a meaningful Plano sunglass business ___________ of board space should be allocated to plano sunglasses
8. Annual turn rate should be sampled about
9. What part of an independent practice's revenue is estimated to come from prescription eyewear?
10. To know the brands that is of interest to your demographic patient mix
11. Inventory level is determined by
12. To get to the ideal assortment, all of the following are touchpoints except
13. All of the following are reasons for low capture rate except
14. An omni-channel experience means offering
15. An ideal assortment is composed of 50 percent best sellers, ________ and 10 percent other
16. Independent ECPs conduct about ________ of the eye exams but sell only __________ of frames.
17. What is the “lifetime” opportunity of a brand to know that it should occupy board space?
18. A new online resource for knowing best sellers and ideal is
19. Which of the following lists the best devices to provide patients an omni-channel experience
20. When setting up appointments