Photographed by Neil Francis Dawson

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Lens Make a (Big) Deal

The edges are honed to perfection. The gold “clasp” accents corner the market. Take a look at sunwear for tomorrow that enhances the glorious craft of eyewear’s past glamour anew.

DOLCE & GABBANA 2216 from Luxottica

New Horizons

The well-defined horizontal fade (an eyewear style tradition) makes for a new and enviable assertion.

MARNI 632S from Marchon Eyewear

Some Kind of Sunny Nirvana

Yes. You’ve loved this look from Keith Richards to Kurt Cobain. It is rock iconic. We like it even slightly more rounded… on her… even better.

ALAIA 0012S from Kering Eyewear

The Hepster

With seven sides to this sun sensation, Gotti lightly and rightly bridges the way.

DEXON from Gotti Switzerland


It’s that rich aviator with his own private jet and just the right amount of sparkle to brighten his way.

POLICE Sparkle 10 SPL740 from De Rigo Rem

Tri-Color Salutation

Three different crystal colorations accent the sharp corner detailing in this stare-and-aware sun style.


Green with Envy

This might be jealous eyes personified… in a great way. Demands immediate attention.

CEKTO from Christian Roth

Double Brow… Minus One!

Ford owns this look and drives it so well.

TOM FORD Jason 621 from Marcolin

Ivory Coast

With its shimmering ivory-toned horizontal brow statement, Posen declares ownership of grand couture leadership.

ZAC POSEN Lavette from Kenmark Eyewear

Mod is My Co-Pilot

Zyl bridge and temple details add a sense of mystery to this Italian movie star look

ITALIA INDEPENDENT Sebastian from Villa Eyewear