As I scribe this column for the first of TWO September issues I find myself in a lively traffic jam of tasking. I’m focused on delivering a deuce of valuable issues while deep in the planning stages for the presentation of next year’s 20/20 editorial calendar to publishing and marketing. This is my agenda in order to bring you the tools, the thinking, the education and the dialogue that will best suit your needs to guide your patients to the best possible vision care scenario.

​ These two September issues fuel the energy needed to take me through to next year AND beyond. Counted together you are about to experience over 400 new products, calculated insight on what opti-pros have to say to you in your quest to be the best and a wallop of lens and tech bolstering your expert abilities. Layer on our renowned CE, and 20/20 then functions as a one-stop shop of resources set to suit your chosen endeavor.

​ This multi-process has me devising a game plan for 2019 (and... 2020!) built on the concept of 20/20 being the POV. That is, look to this print/digital/live entity as your trusted source for Products of Vision and also, equally vital, your partner with a strongly informed Point of View.

​ I basically animated the Products of Vision instance with my call out of what is contained in the two September issues. But the Point of View aspect is built right on that solid product concept. This magazine is not just a catalog of vision devices. No other publication in optical goes deeper on calling in and photographing the new eyewear and sunwear you need to experience, ongoing. And that hands-on experience coupled with a devoted team of powerful editors, writers, ECPs and ECP educators basically annotates every word and image you experience in 20/20.

​ I’d also like to add yet one more twist to this deep POV. Jobson is now part of the growing presence of WebMD. I’m thrilled by that newfound support. When I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a little over three years ago, I bolstered my resolve with incredible insight from WebMD in relied conjunction with my dedicated crew of personal medical professionals. In fact, when my endocrinologist quizzed me on the profound success of my strict diet in order to maintain a stellar A1C, I noted the details I absorbed from select Internet searches of WebMD.

​ So let’s task up for a joint POV via 20/20 as we head to 2020 armed with confidence, powerful partnership and some incredibly cool products (and services) focused rightly and brightly on better vision.

James J. Spina
[email protected]