Still life photographed by Ned Matura

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Horn Section

One of eyewear’s most classic and precious materials delivers a powerful and sustainable message of ultimate luxury.

OBERLIN from Morgenthal Frederics

Increasingly look to interesting combinations of all varieties of materials in that forward frame of mind that delivers new levels of satisfaction, function and enhanced fit for the wearer.

RIMOWA 40002U from Thelios

From top: OGA 10136O from Morel; FLEXON BLACK 2077 from Marchon Eyewear; ASPIRE Inspired from ClearVision Optical

The variety of both classic and ultra-modern metals commands top-notch quality and ultra-fit options. Take your pick with super flexible miracle metals, superhero titanium and a dazzling range of metallic options.

From left: XCTASY S113 from Teka Eyewear; CHOPARD SCHD53 from De Rigo Rem

QUANTUM 4.03Sun from Orgreen Optics

3D printing and futuristic CAD creations are now a dedicated way of life for frame makers and frame fanatics looking for this most innovative march into the future when it comes to this ever-expanding world of miracle creations.

3D LAB Jota from Modo

Zyl… Zyl… ZYL. Acetate is the mainstay of eyewear when it comes to delivering an infinite range of colors, tones, textures and that play of light that is just so right and so classically… EYEWEAR.

From left: IGREEN V4.199 from Thema – A Family Factory; TOM FORD 5689-B from Marcolin; COACH 8294 from Luxottica; FOTINI from l.a.Eyeworks; GALA from Lafont

That knack for clever combinations gives eyewear the freedom to finesse with smart instances of frames within frames and blends of textures and colors delighting consumers and their increasingly stylish eyewear tastes.

PABLO L. from ic! berlin

From left: PRODESIGN DENMARK 6176 from Design Eyewear Group; LILLY PULITZER Shanna from Kenmark Eyewear

Proprietary materials and the smart quest for sustainability are just a few of the social conscious means to that end of buyers being on board for the best specs in this complex world of social and personal awareness.

From left: BEN SHERMAN ECO GREEN Fitzroy from L’Amy America; LEVI’S 1005 from Safilo

In essence such a simple product.

In actuality… So complex as it attunes to matters of fit, function and filial attachment to the wearer.

Eyewear matters and in material matters, the scenario is so wide ranging and forever increasing in choices from traditionally simple to amazingly futuristic.

From precious horn to 3D-printed modern… From classic zyl to a magical metal…

And at times so consciously sustainable.

The essence of a frame continues to MaterialEyes for all of our precious eyes.

–James J. Spina