Who’s making the decisions around here?

The “retailing-dispensing” scenario as it plays out in optical is quite unique. And even factoring in the shadow of online ordering of eyewear with Rxed lenses, there still remains the overall atmosphere of expert advice and fitting needed in order to complete the deal as regards what a patient/consumer ends up with for their highly personalized eyewear.

There will be those who come to you looking for complete guidance on the frame part of the equation:

“Just look at me. Here’s my head size.”

“This is my face shape.”

“Please pick a color for me.”

“Choose if I need metal or plastic.”

“Any old case will do.”

“… And thanks for that cleaning cloth thingy.”

But then there’s the expert consumer in need of NO advice:

“Don’t bother me about the shape of my face and the frame I want.”

“Here’s the brand I like.”

“Here’s the attitude I need to convey.”

“Why would I need your help? You actually need mine… especially considering those ugly glasses you are wearing!”

Hopefully there is a middle ground here somewhere, when it comes time for you to enter a unique partnership of guidance and choice in determining what will be the perfect frame for that all-important consumer sizing up the whole eyewear-buying experience, as it plays out in a very personal and important exchange with nothing separating the two of you except the fitting mirror as the visual referee.

Here’s hoping our unique and direct feature “Freedom of Choice” suits you up smartly as you commence this all important interplay in your life as an eyecare pro. There’s likely some new ground here, and some of it might seem of an edge you might not normally be comfortable with. I suggest you go for it. Give some of these new options and opportunities a chance.

I honestly think it will give you an eye up, so to speak, on all of that online noise. Because… Face it… Face-to-Face is your most unique attribute.

James J. Spina
[email protected]