Photographed by Stephen Mark Sullivan
Still Life Photographed by Ned Matura​

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Eye See a Legend

Persol has no real match in the arena it masters. It remains the sun spec of champions, and this style seems to address the brand’s past, present and future.

PERSOL 3172-S from Luxottica

Metaling in Your Affairs

Wiley X marks a first step for the brand with its debut of the new wave metal wrap.

HAYDEN from Wiley X

Heading for the Costa

Snapping to Rx frame attention, this powerful metal rectangle stands proud of face.

SEAMOUNT from Costa

From top: FRANCIS DRAKE Dillon from Hands of Time Eyewear; ASTON MARTIN RACING 01005 from Mad Vision; FULTON from State Optical; PANAMA JACK 127Z from Zyloware

From top: ESQUIRE 1542 from New York Eye; ALLEN from Lafont; CHAMPION 1021 from L’Amy America; CREMIEUX Iron from A&A Optical; CLUB LEVEL DESIGNS 9226 from SD Eyes

Match’s Everyone

With “world-fit” friendly nosepads, this classic prepster tortoise embraces the everyman eyewear we love.

AERO F-78 from Match Eyewear

Homme (Sneak) Homme

This creative asymmetrical fade funks it up with a Havana-to-crystal blend for some much appreciated quirky creativity.

DIOR HOMME Diormaster from Safilo

From top: TONY HAWK 538 from Eyewear Designs; SANFORD HUTTON Grand Central C1064 from Colors in Optics

Flexing That Tech Muscle

Mondottica’s eyewear future hinges successfully on a brilliant hinge design based on anatomically derived tech.

SPINE 2404 from Mondottica USA

From left: BRODY from Spy Optic; FACE A FACE Owens 1 from Design Eyewear Group; GEEK EYEWEAR Watson from LTD Eyewear; JOE JOSEPH ABBOUD 4059 from Altair Eyewear

From left: VUARNET VL1709 from Vuarnet; MCKEAN from SALT. Optics; MONTBLANC 658S from Marcolin; SAINT LAURENT 192 from Kering Eyewear

Smoke on the Water

This one’s bound to get attention with its bold partnership of lens to frame colorations.

ZAC POSEN Cooper from Kenmark Eyewear

From top: CAMILLA S029 from Kingsley Rowe; ECO Kasai from Modo; PRADA SPS 05S from Luxottica; KINNEY from Garrett Leight California Optical; AIRMAG AP6438 from Clariti Eyewear

Simply Modest

Neubau quietly and assuredly tells guys where to go around here.

NEUBAU EYEWEAR Flo from Silhouette

From left: STEPPER 20057 from ImageWear; LIGHTEC 30014L from Morel; BLACKFIN Rockland 805 from Villa Eyewear; EVOLUTION 4323 from Ogi Eyewear

From left: MODZ Denton from Modern Optical International; OLIVER PEOPLES OV5185 from Oliver Peoples; EVATIK 9159 from WestGroupe; DRIMMEL from Moscot

From top: TEKA 488 from Teka Eyewear; DUNHILL VDH079 from De Rigo Rem; BADGLEY MISCHKA Jensen from The McGee Group

Yellow Alert

Once totally the avante province of Euro-men, yellow (in musty tones) now declares face space with American guys looking to deliver a sense of style that has an undercurrent of sport.

NINO S. from ic! Berlin

Edge of Darkness

Square takes on new meaning as corners get clipped to the extreme with a sharp sense of sport AND style.

NIKE Ledge EV1058 from Marchon Eyewear