Best invite Eye ever got. Intent on delivering an insider look at the workings of their factory (based in Chicago), State Optical came up with this outstanding and authentic X-ray invitation touting a 3D Immersion setup at their Vision Expo West booth in Las Vegas. The “virtual reality” experience was amazing but the invite with its requisite oversized and red-rope-secure-flap manila envelope (stamped X-RAY FILM PLEASE DO NOT BEND) just plain knocked me for a loop. What better way to show the high quality metal innards of a State frame than with an actual X-ray held by a hand in all of its skeletal glory. And by the way, the 3D Immersion experience won Vision Expo’s Best Brand Activation Award.

–James J. Spina

Yup. This 20/20 came out just a bit over a month ago, and we’re already reminding you that with over 200 tips on selling eyewear, this one’s a total keeper. Use it as a constant guide as well as a simple devoted reminder on the best categories within the optical scenario. And that Alan J Eyewear from Europa on the cover, with its Made in America status and style, makes quite a statement.