Silhouette introduces its new Blend collection. Consisting of eight new styles for men and women, the collection features a striking combination of high-tech titanium and the brand’s patented SPX+. All frames encompass Silhouette’s classic style with a sporty, casual flair and are offered in an array of designs that range from classic to ultra-modern and shapes that range from round and small to oversized. A palette of eight colors can be seen throughout the collection including standouts such as Navy Blue and Rose Dove. Customers can mix and match colors and shapes to create their own unique look.

Each frame features screwless hinges and Silhouette’s trusted Snap-Hinge technology. Temples are constructed of SPX+ and titanium that are combined to create a durable design. The flexible titanium portion of the temple ensures a perfect fit and enables you to individually adjust and shorten the frames for all-day wearing comfort. With its extremely versatile 3D moldability, SPX+ is the ideal hinge material, while the titanium temples offer a combination of precision and elasticity. The unique technical specifications and  high-precision alignment of these materials create a truly well-crafted and premium frame.

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Silhouette introduces a new generation for its successful full-rim SPX Illusion collection. Customers can now choose from a wide assortment of new models and colors from this tried and tested collection. SPX Illusion stands out with its unbeatable comfort, hypoallergenic materials and signature lightness. Crafted from Silhouette’s patented SPX+ polymer composite in the heart of Austria, each pair is designed to meet the highest quality standards. SPX+ is extremely flexible, yet highly durable and resistant to warping, ensuring a perfect fit that is fully customizable to each wearer. SPX Illusion frames weightlessly contour to the wearer’s face, allowing them to remain in place all day with zero slippage.

The collection includes classic designs, as well as a modern butterfly shape and an on-trend panto style, with endless possibilities for customization and personalization. The collection offers 12 new models, which includes five men’s, five women’s and two unisex styles, with up to eight different color choices per style. This season, the new color palette ranges from vibrant to classic tones, including standouts like Smokey Blossom and Tricolor Lake. The stunning color effects are applied by hand for a one-of-a-kind look. These frames bring an exciting, high-quality charm to the Silhouette collection that will make them the next generation of design classics.

For additional information, call Silhouette: (800) 223-0180 or visit silhouette.com