Photographed by Stephen Mark Sullivan
Still life photography by Ned Matura

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A new brand debuts in eyewear, and 20/20 faces it first on our cover with this truly “enlightened” take on tortoise.

CANALI CO304 from L'Amy America

Clockwise from top: PERRY 7743 from Bevel; JOSEPH ABBOUD 4071 from Altair Eyewear; GEEK EYEWEAR Textbook 3 from LTD Eyewear

From left: EPIC from Wiley X; EATON from Article One; WILLIAM MORRIS LONDON 50030 from Classique Eyewear; DUCATI 1009 from Mondottica USA; JAGUAR 36804 from Eastern States Eyewear

The immortal combination of yellow-to-brown makes tortoise a forever-correct decision for men.

Men are still devoted to HAVANA great day.

VINYL FACTORY Ridenhour from Mad Vision

From top: RAG & BONE 7007 from Safilo; STETSON 349 from Zyloware; ORIGINAL PENGUIN “The Daddy” from Kenmark Eyewear; SANFORD HUTTON Crockett C1077 from Colors in Optics

With most men, pattern appeals especially as it gives interest to otherwise solid colorations.

Solid color can be a total snore. Engravings, hashing, metal details and burnished zyl add the interest men secretly crave.

From top: CARTIER 0035S from Kering Eyewear; JOHN VARVATOS V523 from De Rigo Rem; GOTTI PS01 from Gotti Switzerland; SUNTRENDS 206 from i-dealoptics

TEKA 498 from Teka Eyewear

From top: OGA 10057O from Morel; MODZ Odessa from Modern Optical International; EVOLUTION 9243 from Ogi Eyewear

From top: LONDON FOG Monte from ImageWear; PERSOL 3197-V from Luxottica; BLACKFIN Marrowstone 832 from Villa Eyewear; TONY HAWK 542 from Eyewear Designs

Architectural-like combinations of metal and zyl appeal to a man’s sense of structure with style.

The “combo” frame, especially in clubman manifestations rules men’s faces.

From left: NEUBAU EYEWEAR Manu from Silhouette; ROUND ONE from Fabulous Fanny’s; CREMIEUX Soho from A&A Optical; BURNS from Barton Perreira; EMILIO GIANI 860 from Artoptic International

Once banished as bland, the oval proudly returns as eyewear’s insider shape secret.

A man’s eye-world is increasingly a whirl of round.

From left: MARMONT from Mr. Leight; ESQUIRE 1549 from New York Eye; MOSCOT from MOSCOT x Ascari

CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC 1874S from Marchon Eyewear

From top: SCOTT HARRIS VINTAGE 43 from Europa International; KLIIK 621 from WestGroupe; CLUB LEVEL DESIGNS 9238 from SD Eyes; IZOD 2045 from ClearVision Optical

There is a world of metal out there so move beyond gold and silver.

Every version of gray and matte gray stands proud these days in the metal mentality of men and their eyewear.