By Johnna Dukes, ABOC

Are you taking the time to think back on what has been 2018? I know it’s not quite over yet, but we’re inching in on 2019 and it’s amazing the changes we’ve seen in such a short time. We’ve seen the old school aviator, a frame usually chosen by older men, become popular for teenage girls. We’ve seen the round P3 frame style absolutely blow up. We’ve seen mirrors of all colors used in combination with photochromics. How about the crystal frames, and now metal and zyl combination pieces? I don’t know about you, but this is making me think of what next year will bring and how we will innovate in order to bring what is new and amazing to our little corners of the world.

Sometimes you’ve got to look back in order to look forward, and I think 2018 was no exception. If we look at a lot of the trends we experienced this year, they had their origins in the past. I feel like we’ve been influenced this year by the 80’s quite heavily, and it feels like much of what is new on the horizon goes back into the 70’s to pull inspiration.

This is a great time to take a look at your dispensary. Are you on top of the trends? Do you have what your demographic is looking for? Today’s consumer will look online to find what they want if they don’t believe you have access to it. Are you prepared to influence eyewear style locally in the same way today’s social media influencers are? If you haven’t thought of yourself in those terms, start thinking! Your patients look to you to be on top of the trends and they want your opinion on what will suit them as well as create a look for them that is current. If you’ve not taken the time to look at your dispensary as a place that helps people craft their look, it is time to take that perspective. In much the same way that hair stylists are expected to help people look good, we’re perceived in the same way. Make sure you’re up to the task! If that means it’s time for you to order some new shiny specs that are right on trend, then do just that. IMHO (as the kids say) you’ve got to be able to display to your patients what is new and current and they should see it on you rather than learn about it online. Be the style maven you are and embrace it, your patients will thank you!