Optical retailers and ECP offices continue to reopen across North America, generating a critical need for more personal protective equipment (PPE) for personnel as they re-enter the workplace. SAFILO steps up to the plate to assist its ECP and retail partners in the U.S. and Canada with the launch of its PPE Protective Eyewear Solutions program.

Leveraging the company’s expertise in the premium and performance sport eyewear segments, Safilo has industrialized a quality range of affordable, durable and even stylish protective eyewear solutions in its own manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Italy. The program consists of four items—one offered under the Safilo corporate logo and additional options offered under Safilo’s Smith and Polaroid brands.

Shield by Safilo is a full coverage, high-clarity anti-fog face shield compatible with N95 face masks and an adjustable head strap. Aegis Face Shield by Smith is a combination offer that includes a full-coverage face shield with a high-clarity anti-fog lens compatible with N95 face masks. The detachable face shield can be mounted onto Smith’s Aegis wraparound frame outfitted with clear lenses and is Rx-compatible with Smith’s Ocular Docking Station. The Safilo and Aegis shields are both medical approved and meet ANSI z87.1 “splash certification requirements” and EN166 shield requirements. Polaroid’s STAY SAFE Collection includes two PPE certified options designed to offer protection and safety in health care and professional settings, as well as protection needs for patients and end consumers. STAYSAFE1 is the first professional safety eyewear designed by Polaroid to effectively protect the eyes of the wearer. The transparent wraparound shield glasses cover the eye area and offer an adjustable rubber band personalized with the Polaroid logo and rainbow symbol. STAYSAFE2 is the first professional face shield designed by Polaroid to protect the face, eyes, nose and mouth from external factors, and is especially suited for professional use. The shield is made from polycarbonate and features an adjustable rubber band.

“Our dedication and commitment to offering quality eyewear and now quality protective eyewear to our customers has never been stronger,” says Steve Wright, president and chief commercial officer of Safilo North America. “We are honored to be in a position to help and to make a difference—leveraging on the capabilities of our own factories—to present a range of affordable and durable protective eyewear for the safety of our customers and the eyewear community at large.”   

ECPs can contact their Safilo sales representative, order online at mysafilo.com or mysafilocanada.com or call Safilo customer care at (800) 631-1188 (U.S.) and (800) 387-7234 (Canada).

–Christine Yeh