With the December issue of 20/20, I always enjoy looking back at the most popular articles of the year. For example, Tina Lahti of IOT gave us a “Secret Weapon for Emmetropic Presbyopes.” We learned that degressive lenses enable those patients to experience more natural vision with a range of near and mid-range focal distances. Johnna Dukes shared how after having to shutter then reopen her practice during the pandemic, she made some changes to the way she does business. In “Things I’ll Take with Me,” she gave us her strategies for communication, debt assessment, inventory and marketing. And “Navigating Through the Fog” provided a handy table of anti-fog applications and coatings for your reference.

Our Ms. Specs in the City advice column by Laurie Pierce is always a favorite. This year, Ms. Specs conducted her own unique experiments with DIY anti-fog remedies, gave us tips for sanitizing frames, and brought us the fashion pyramid and color and skin tone matching for frame selection. What’s more, Ms. Specs reminded us to be kind to each other with the story of an optician who delivers surprise care packages to opticians around the country. Keep sending Ms. Specs your questions!

20/20 as a leader in education offers a wealth of accredited continuing education courses, and many are free through generous grants from sponsors. This month check out “The Essential Vocation of Opticianry and its Proud Heritage,” the free CE brought to you by ZEISS. Other topics include contact lenses, progressive designs, lens materials, digital dispensing tools and much more. All these courses are available online for your convenience. The ABO is automatically notified of your passing grade, and your ABO account is updated. What could be easier?

Last but not least, I extend a hearty thank you to our Pro to Pro contributors for consistently providing interesting, inciteful and informative articles. I also want to thank our readers for your invaluable support and feedback. This has been a difficult year in so many ways, but all of you have shown resilience, ingenuity, courage and hope as you continued to care for your patients in spite of possible risks. All that we have learned and achieved this year are the best gifts of the season that we will keep with us as we look to 2021. I send my sincere best wishes to everyone for a safe, healthy and successful New Year!

Linda Conlin
Pro to Pro Managing Editor
[email protected]