Musicians’ eyewear is a continual fascination for me. I have countless record sleeves cherished for the music and the eyewear on the covers. This late ’60s release, “Forest Flower” by Charles Lloyd, is extra special to me. In my Fillmore East daze, Lloyd was second on the billing to numerous rock bands on my radar. He wasn’t on my radar but each time I experienced him on his tenor sax and flute, the sound drew me deep into what was being tagged as a sort of psychedelic jazz. Miles Davis would get most of the credit for this direction but for me, Lloyd far better defined the free-form sound. And much like Miles, Lloyd definitely had a taste for great eyewear.

This cover with his white snake-browed specs in a light mirror tint bears witness to that. Lloyd is still making monumental music (his latest group, The Marvels, features Lucinda Williams on vocals) and the cover of the new disc carries on his great taste in eyewear.

–James J. Spina

For the first and only time in its long heritage, 20/20 delivered a cover with… NO EYEWEAR. We made the exception for this wonderful portrait of Stella McCartney shot by her sister Mary McCartney for an exclusive interview in the issue. The exception was totally worth it… but… it will likely not be happening again.