Essilor Instruments USA

The fully-automatic retinal image capture of Retina800 allows for easy screening and detection of retinal pathologies.

Features: Retina800 is fast to operate, has a space-saving design and provides excellent image quality at your fingertips. Delegation is made easy with the intuitive and easy-to-use tablet-driven interface.

“We are excited to introduce the state-of-the-art RETINA800 retinal imaging system as a new addition to the Essilor Instruments diagnostics and screening line. The automatic imaging and plug-and-play benefit of RETINA800 can facilitate delegation and mass screening for retinal disorders,” says Samy Lauriette, senior vice president, Essilor Instruments Americas.

Dragon Alliance

Dragon Alliance is rolling out its proprietary Lumalens lens technology. Lumalens will be featured in all
of the company’s new and key carryover sunglass styles which are produced using a bio-based plastic made from castor bean oil.

Features: Already used throughout Dragon’s snow goggle collection, Lumalens brings the world to life in high definition through intensely vivid color optimization, razor-sharp clarity and remarkable depth perception. In all environments and across the full spectrum of light conditions, this exclusive Dragon technology adds brilliant detail and dimension to the wearer’s visual field. By filtering out light attributed to haze and glare while amplifying light that intensifies clarity, Lumalens empowers the wearer’s vision, creating a vibrant, crystal clear connection to the experience they seek.

Dragon’s Lumalens sun collection leverages a variety of base tints in brown, grey, rose and G15 green, available with mirror coating options to round out this color-optimized lens offering. Each base tint was carefully selected for its ability to optimize color and enhance optics in a specific environment, with specific options for offshore, inshore, field and trail-based activities.


Topcon is launching the Maestro2 Automated OCT/Fundus Camera, now with OCTA. Building on the success of its predecessor, the 3D OCT-1 Maestro, the new Maestro2 adds more clinical utility to its multimodality platform.

Features: The Maestro2 is a fully automated OCT system that can capture high resolution non-mydriatic, true color fundus photography, OCT and OCTA with the single press of a button. This multimodal system also now offers the Hood Report for the structure/function analysis of glaucoma. Additionally, it features a 360-degree rotating intuitive touch screen, a small footprint and space-saving design.

First introduced to the industry in 2014, OCT Angiography, with its presentation of the vascular network of the retina, is rapidly growing in clinical acceptance. It has become a valuable aid in the detection and monitoring of key retinal pathologies such as choroidal neovascularization, diabetic retinopathy, microaneurysms and more. Topcon’s OCTA offering, for both its SS-OCT and SD-OCT models, demonstrates its investment in this technology across its platforms for utilization by multiple eyecare specialists and generalists alike.

In addition to being extremely easy to use, the Maestro2 is loaded with clinical utilities. It features IMAGEnet 6 capture software for dynamic viewing of OCT and imaging data. Additionally, Topcon’s exclusive PinPoint Registration precisely matches specified areas within OCT and OCTA scans upon the color fundus image. The Maestro2’s new follow-up scan feature scans the exact same location each patient visit, beneficial for follow-up visits and tracking diseases over time. An extensive portfolio of reports for macula, anterior and glaucoma allows the practitioner access to advanced diagnostic data.

Zeiss Medical Technology

Zeiss Medical Technology Segment ( is expanding its Cirrus line of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) instruments with the launch of the Cirrus 6000, a 100kHz ultra-fast OCT system that will “dramatically elevate the efficiency of advanced care practices,” according to Zeiss.

Features: Cirrus 6000 is the latest addition to an already robust portfolio of OCT devices that are designed to meet the needs of all types and levels of practices and/or clinicians. It offers customers high speed and high throughput to help manage their large patient volume faster, all while improving imaging and image quality. The 100kHz speed of the Cirrus 6000 allows clinicians to scan patients faster, with increased efficiency and improved imaging detail. Additional features include:
  • Wider and deeper OCT/OCTA scans with 12 x 12 mm OCTA and B-scan depth up to 2.9 mm
  • HD AngioPlex scan is a new scan type that provides more detail.
  • New workflow protocols to aid in increasing efficiency.
  • Patient-friendly “wellness report” to help educate the patient.

Transitions Optical

TransitionsPro is introducing a series of smart resources for ECPs, related to Transitions Gen8 for Kids. The resources can be found online through the TransitionsPro Learning Center.

Features: The resources include: a kids dispensing tips video, a kids dispensing guide, a kids in office countercard, a package flyer, a kids vision screening letter, a Transitions lenses patient permission letter for schools, a local health care community letter, social media post examples and a kids ABO for 2019. The kids vision screening letter helps ECPs introduce themselves to the surrounding educational community, while the Transitions lenses patient permission letter for schools, which helps explain the importance of UV protection for children’s eyes, is a useful resource for ECPs to provide to parents who worry about their children wearing Transitions lenses to a school that does not allow sunglasses. All resources are free to download.

Coburn Technologies

Coburn Technologies expands its Duality lens processing platform with the addition of new features. “The highly successful Duality performs de-taping and lens cleaning in one machine and has been well adopted by some of the world’s largest and best-known RX production facilities,” says Wayne Labrecque, vice president sales, Americas.

Features:  The DualityAR machine is specifically designed to remove progressive ink marks and residue from UV cured surface blocking materials. “With the new version of DualityAR, we are expanding automation one step further in the lens production process. DualityAR, together with our Velocity automated coater, offers a complete automated solution for lens de-taping, cleaning and coating,” Labrecque adds.