20/20Now’s New Website

20/20Now is launching a new website, www.for2020now.com. The new website is designed to provide information and education about the emergence of ocular telehealth and how it benefits consumers and eyecare providers.

Features: The new website features a unique design, enhanced functionality and practical tools that include a financial calculator designed to help prospective users calculate the potential incremental revenue and profit that can be achieved by integrating 20/20Now’s proprietary and patented ocular telehealth technology into their operations.

“20/20Now’s new website and refreshed branding reflect the company’s unique value proposition—to provide greater access to comprehensive digital eye exams, while lowering costs and enhancing the standard of care through new technology and meaningful innovation. Our new website helps communicate our role as a technology developer and service provider for eyecare providers,” says Chuck Scott, 20/20Now’s CEO.

“Our goal is to demonstrate our thought leadership by providing insights and ongoing authoritative content,” Scott states. “Visitors can access the company’s white paper that provides a comprehensive technical review of the proprietary 20/20Now eye examination process, as well as a library of case studies that demonstrate the wide range of disease processes that can be diagnosed with 20/20Now’s technology.

Vital Stats: 20/20Now’s health case studies provide real-world examples of how 20/20Now’s technology has aided the detection of diseases that include diabetic retinopathy, hypertension, optic disc hemorrhage and many more. Business case studies are also available that illustrate the significant revenue impact of adding ocular telehealth to a retail or eyecare provider practice. “This is just the beginning of the rich content that users will find when they visit our new site,” says Scott. “In the coming months, we will be adding to our library of white papers and case studies. And soon, we will launch a blog that will showcase our experience and share current information about the world of ocular telehealth. We’ll be sharing insights from experts, up-to-the-minutes news and updates, and much more.”

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(844) 843-2020

Polar+Fire Sun Lens Display
Super Optical

Super Optical now offers a tabletop display stand for its Polar+Fire sun lenses, one of its most popular products. Polar+Fire lenses are polarized gray with a solid mirror front.

Features: The Polar+Fire display stand features an eye-catching full-color background and holds a sample of all three Polar+Fire lens colors—hunter green, deep blue and quick silver, all in a compact quality 3.5-inch x 10-inch size that won’t clutter an office.

Availability: The polarized single vision line is available in 2.00, 4.00, 6.00 and 8.00 bases in an 80 mm diameter that is compatible with today’s large sunglass styles.

(800) 543-7376

The Cube
Hilco Vision

The Cube from Hilco Vision is an innovative acrylic block that is a marking tool offering three features in one tool.

Features: One side of The Cube offers accurate, easy and fast marking of 190 degrees on lenses; another side allows for pantoscopic tilt measurement. The third side can measure the height of the reading segment. The Cube conveniently holds a standard Staedler marking pen, which is included.

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(800) 955-6544 ext. 3011

New Metrics Dashboard for Frames Data’s My Frame Gallery
Frames Data

Frames Data is introducing a new metrics dashboard for users of My Frame Gallery, its product that allows eyecare practices to create a virtual frameboard or “gallery.” The gallery that is generated can then be added to the practice’s website as well as used in-store to find additional size and color options for patients.

Features: The new dashboard simply takes what was a manual process of emailing a report and moves it to the Web. My Frame Gallery users can then view a standard package of statistics, including:

  • Number of sessions
  • Pages viewed
  • Top brands viewed
  • Top brands searched for and more

Vital Stats: Since the reports are now Web based, instead of static monthly reports as a PDF, the user can choose which month to view in the interface.

For more information or to see a demo, visit framesdata.com/gallery or call 1-800-821-6069 ext 3.


Rx Verifier #2062A
Western Optical Supply

Every job you get back from the lab needs to be verified before dispensing, and Western Optical Supply’s improved Rx Verifier lets you do it easily and accurately.

Features:  Place the eyewear with spotted lenses on the aligner to check both the monocular and binocular PD. (The original version only measured monocular PD). You can also determine seg height and check that the seg is level. Availability: Measures 6-inches wide x 2-inches high x 1-inch deep. (Item #2062A. $29.50)

(800) 423-3294
(505) 455-1100


Scicon Sunwear 
Essilor Sun Solution

Essilor Sun Solution, the Essilor Group division dedicated to sun plano lenses, has formed a partnership with Scicon, a supplier of high-performance bike bags and accessories for riders and active people, for the launch of a premium sunwear range.

Features: The new line, which is customized for Scicon, is designed for cyclists, triathletes and active people both in the performance and sport lifestyle categories, each offering a range of options to provide the perfect fit on or off the bike. It will feature SCN-XT sun lenses with NXT Varia technology from Essilor Sun Solution, which combine “the best of mineral lenses’ optimal clarity and the best of organic lenses’ lightweight and impact resistance,” according to Essilor. Varia technology offers fast kinetics to ensure adjusted visibility in all weather conditions for “optimal photochromic control,” Essilor says.