Hoya Vision Care

Hoya Vision Care is offering a free on-demand webinar hosted by Thomas Gosling, OD. The webinar, which is less than 20 minutes, is designed to help ECPs get to know their strengths better.

Features: ECPs can also download the ebook that the webinar is based on. The ebook, “The Power of the ECP: Leveraging Your Unique Strengths to Impact Patients and the Industry,” has links to relevant resources.

Hoya is continually adding resources to its website.


Zeiss has created a virtual version of its trade show booth. Intended as a response to the pandemic and the subsequent closing of many practices, the cancellation of Vision Expo and the stay-at-home orders, the Zeiss Virtual Expo lets visitors experience the Zeiss booth in 3D from the comfort of their home.

Features: The Zeiss Virtual Expo features custom-developed, highly visual and interactive content using digital hotspots featuring bite-sized videos. Beyond learning about Zeiss’ latest innovations, viewers can engage in topics includingnew lens technology, remote refraction, practice marketing and even skill-building tools. The online experience lets viewers discover how Zeiss offers a wide range of solutions to help propel ECP practices back to strength. 

The Virtual Expo includes both Zeiss Vision Care and Zeiss Meditec content. Most of it consists of short bite-sized videos that make navigating the booth easy and simple to digest.

The vision section is divided into four major zones:

  • The Lens Zone highlights Zeiss’ newest lens portfolio, Zeiss SmartLife. It represents a complete lens redesign to address today’s connected and on-the-move lifestyles. Additionally, Zeiss covers lens innovations such as Zeiss UVProtect, which provides sunglass-level UV protection in all clear lenses.
  • The Remote Refraction Zone showcases Zeiss’ newest Visu360 platform which is designed to help practitioners conduct eye exams remotely. Zeiss also uses this section to highlight the various diagnostic and digital devices such as the VisuScout, VisuLens, iProfiler, Slit-Lamp and Automated Subjective Refraction suite. Within this decidedly “techie” zone, Zeiss introduces, for the first time in the U.S., a new software tool called the 3D Eye Explore. This unique touch-screen enabled software solution educates patients on the eye and the various conditions that can affect it. The tool is designed to be interactive and user friendly.
  • The Learning Zone features educational and training content. Special highlights include the six Pro-to-Pro CE courses developed over the past 18 months. Zeiss has also rolled out a three-week webinar series, which due to high demand, has been extended through the end of April with a combined 50+ live sessions.
  • The Customer Zone is where viewers will meet eyecare practitioners who use Zeiss solutions—equipment and lenses—or who have made the decision to switch over from another lab. They explain why they made the switch or how Zeiss is helping to grow their business.

Scattered throughout the booth are surprises including Virtual Expo show specials on equipment and stock lenses, social media tips and tools, a short review of Zeiss’ storied 172 years of history and a special promotion on the “get them before they are gone” Zeiss lens wipes.


Wanting to stay connected with labs, but at their customers’ convenience, Satisloh is unveiling their new Virtual Booth, SatislohLink. Responding to canceled trade shows around the world, the company built this new online tool to keep the ophthalmic market informed and supported about new technologies so when they’re ready to ramp back up to capacity, they know what’s available and how it will impact their production levels and improve their efficiency.

“During these unprecedented times, we are all learning different ways to stay connected. Physical trade shows are a great way to demonstrate our new technology as well as a wonderful forum for building relationships. Until we can interact in a more traditional way, we wanted to make sure we embrace new venues to stay connected. That’s why we are excited to offer SatislohLink and invite folks to pre-register SatislohLink, our new Virtual Booth,” says Rich Hughes, president, Satisloh North America. “Nothing can replace the camaraderie and feel of a ‘live’ trade show. But we believe with this tool, which can be explored from your own home, you will find much of the same information as in our real booth plus actually a few more things.”

Features: Visitors to SatislohLink can experience virtual product launches, explore product videos, attend in-depth webinars to learn more about the company’s new technologies and processes, sign up for limited-time special pricing promotions, browse how-to maintenance documentation and have fun with a quiz for a chance to win prizes. 

The Virtual Booth is now live. Preregistration is open now at SatislohLink.

Rochester Optical

Rochester Optical has developed a reusable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) full face shield that is simple to use, attaches to any pair of eyeglasses and is comfortable to wear. The company cautions that the full faceshield is not a replacement or a substitute for N95 face mask. Instead, it is designedto provide another layer of facial frontal protection for frontline medical staff and first responders who have to deal with the public.

“If you don’t have a face mask, using this full face shield is better than nothing,” explains Rochester Optical president Patrick Ho. “Another benefit is that when the N95 face mask is protected by the face shield, the life of the N95 face mask could also be extended and be re-used. This would be very helpful because of the current shortage of N95 face masks. The full face shield can also be another barrier/deterrent to people touching their faces, which often are done naturally and are subconscious responses."

Features: The full face shield can be easily mounted to just about any personal eyeglasses, according to Rochester Optical. Each kit comes with one face shield and one eyeglasses retainer cord for $5.00/set. Rochester Optical can supply the shields in volume.

The eyeglasses cord will keep the full face shield tight on the person’s head. Theface shield can be wiped clean outside and inside with anti-viral wipes at the end of the day and be worn again the next day.

If the person does not wear glasses, Rochester Optical can supply them with a simple spectacle frame for $10 each.
(585) 254-0022


Shamir is launching #VisionFirst, a program that will allow health care workers and first responders to get complimentary prescription lens designs for safety eyewear or other lens types. Shamir is working in partnership with participating optical labs to create this safety eyewear.

Features: Eyecare professionals can participate in the program by submitting a first responder’s prescription to a participating lab. Over 20 optical laboratories are already participating in the program, with more expected to join, according to Shamir. A list of participating #VisionFIRST labs is available online at Shamir’s CEO Raanan Naftalovich says, “We are all in this together. The nation will return to normal, but first we need to ensure the safety of our health care professionals holding the front line.”