VisiChem UltraVue Line
Dynamic Labs

Dynamic Labs has acquired VisiChem and is now distributing VisiChem UltraVue products. The newly expanded product line now includes lens cleaners, innovative chemistry for hydrophobic coatings and clear UV lens treatment.

Features: The VisiChem UltraVue line includes the following products:

  • UltraVue Gel Lens cleaner is a new technology in a patented gel formulation. This formulation cleans better than liquids due to its advanced chemistry, according to Dynamic Labs. Because it is a gel it stays on the lens rather than dripping off. (U.S. Patent 8,993,501)
  • UltraVue Liquid Lens Cleaner—a high-tech liquid cleaner formula designed to clean plastic lenses.
  • UltraVue Liquid Lens Cleaner Concentrate—ready to dilute and pack, using an easy dilution process.
  • UltraVue Premium AR Fog Stopper—a simple anti-fog treatment for all lenses including AR coated lenses.
  • UltraVue Liquid Lens Cleaner/Fog Stopper—provides dual purpose of cleaning and anti-fog treatment.
  • UltraVue White UV is a colorless dye product that won’t yellow your lenses while adding protection against UV rays.
  • UltraVue Super Hydroseal Coating—a protective, water repellent coating that’s easy to clean. The slippery thin film coating works for all AR lenses.
  • UltraVue Hydroseal Gel Coating—a cost-effective, water repellent, easy to clean thin film coating for all AR lenses.
  • UltraVue SureSeal Coating—an oil and water repellent thin film coating for all AR lenses.
  • UltraVue Lens Cleaner Pre-moistened Towelette—disposable single use lens cleaner pouch (coming soon).

Acuvue Oasys with Transitions
Transitions Optical and Johnson & Johnson Vision

Transitions Optical and Johnson & Johnson Vision are launching Acuvue Oasys with Transitions Light Intelligent Technology in the U.S. The first-of-its-kind photochromic contact lens was named one of Time’s “Best Inventions of 2018.” The two-week reusable contact lenses seamlessly adapt to changing light, helping eyes recover from bright light up to five seconds faster, reducing halos and starbursts at night, and delivering more effortless sight with less squinting, from dawn to dusk.

Acuvue Oasys with Transitions was developed in partnership between Johnson & Johnson Vision Care and Transitions Optical, combining the respective strengths of each organization. The contact lenses seamlessly adapt to changing light, helping eyes recover from bright light up to five seconds faster, reducing halos and starbursts at night, and delivering more effortless sight with less squinting, from dawn to dusk.

Western Optical Supply

Western Optical Supply has streamlined its website, The new site is designed for ease of reading and shopping.

Features: Improved navigation system, full and clear product descriptions, color product photos and prices. Concise “how-to” videos provide access to specific tools. Visitors can shop as they go without having to sign in. In-depth comments from company CEO and founder, Joshua Freilich, accompany many of the product descriptions, adding educational and fun details about the products he has designed over the years.
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EVOlens is a patented data-driven decision machine learning system designed to increase patient satisfaction over time. Many industries rely on machine learning algorithms to provide continuous improvement to the consumer experience over time. EVOlens brings this same innovation to the selection of progressive lens designs, according to IOT.

Features: The EVOlens recommendation system objectively chooses the best progressive design for each patient based on the feedback of wearers with similar visual profiles. The EVOlens system utilizes machine learning to analyze many data points, including continuously gathered feedback from wearers, to adjust not only lens selection but also lens designs over time. EVOlens is the result of seven years of continuous study and data from thousands of wearers.

“Choosing the best progressive lens design for each wearer is one of the most important decisions an eyecare professional makes,” explains Daniel Crespo, CEO and president of IOT. “EVOlens can deliver a more consistent and systematic approach to that process and allow ECPs the power to improve their business and give their patients a better experience.”

EVOlens includes three key elements: the EVOlens algorithm which selects the best lens design for each patient based on wearer feedback; the EVOlens platform for the collection of patient information; and the EVOlens business intelligence interface which gives businesses unprecedented insight into the experience they are providing to their consumers. In addition, EVOlens provides a systematic approach to tracking and reducing patient rejections and can also be utilized as a powerful digital marketing tool. EVOlens can make customized recommendations and send special offers and incentives to eyecare consumers.
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Velocity 2D
Coburn Technologies

Velocity 2D is the next generation of Coburn Technologies’ Velocity Automated Spin Coater, now designed with dual-coating technology.

Features:  Derived from the existing platform of the ground-breaking Velocity automated lens coater, the Velocity 2D now offers labs the ability to coat lenses with two different coating solutions in one machine. As the first of its kind with this new “dual-coating” technology, the Velocity 2D is truly unique. It can be paired with Coburn’s Duality lens detaper and cleaner to offer labs smart, scalable automation for lens processing, as lenses are detaped, cleaned and coated in one smooth process.

“Customers have been asking for the ability to apply multiple coatings in one machine for a long time, and we are proud to be the first to deliver this ability,” says Alex Incera, president of Coburn Technologies. “We’ve taken our highly successful and established product, the Velocity and made it better in this next generation platform.”

In addition to dual-coating technology, Velocity 2D also offers automatic coating height adjustment, spindle speed monitoring and a variety of other unique process control features in order to effectively ensure proper coating on all lenses.

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Mr Blue Infinite Vision Edging System  
Essilor Instruments USA

Advanced edging system for in-office finishing practices. Unique digital edging mechanism complements more precise refractions and prescriptions.

  • Superior quality and accuracy—optimizing key functions such as mechanical tracing, optical tracing and milling to improve the final result for even more types of mountings.
  • Versatility with performance—made to suit every groove profile and ensure remarkable aesthetics for all mountings, with a comprehensive range of bevels and finishes.
  • Automation and convenience—streamlining operational steps to allow you to manage daily jobs more efficiently with a unique easy-to-use interface.