Vmax Vision

The Glare Tester is an optional accessory for Vmax Vision’s VASR (Voice Assisted Subjective Refractor) and Perfectus instruments. By simply switching out the normal piece with a Glare Tester eyepiece, the one instrument is ready to function as a subjective refractor, wave front auto refractor and performing a Brightness Acuity Test (BAT).

Features: With the VASR, a BAT test can be performed at the end of subjective refraction. Any degradation in visual acuity under glare stimuli can be detected at the patient’s BCVA. Cataracts can be more accurately evaluated by its development stages, determining whether a patient should have a cataract removed.

The built-in glare testing is unique. Vmax is the only company offering such a three-in-one instrument. Three glare levels—low, medium and high—can be selected from a switch. It has a USB charge port and a rechargeable battery. The brightness levels at the entrance pupil are calibrated to 12 foot-lamberts (FL), 100 FL and 400 FL, respectively, which is identical to a commercial BAT instrument.

Vmax also offers a slim Handheld Glare Tester. It functions essentially the same as the built-in accessory. The unique feature of the handheld unit is its thinness. That makes it ideal to be used in conjunction with a phoropter. The slim design allows it to be used with the patient’s eye in close proximity to the phoropter’s lenses, shortening the vertex distance, thereby lessens the induced measurement errors. The handheld unit has an advantage over the commercial BAT instrument, since it eliminates the need to have patients look through a bulky instrument.

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Shamir Insight

Shamir Insight is releasing the Shamir Augmented Reality mobile application, now available for download on the Apple and Google Play Stores.

Augmented Reality technology superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. Shamir Augmented Reality is a fun, interactive app that brings 3D animations and optical education to life through the camera lens of a mobile device.

Features: The app currently features Shamir’s newly released Autograph Intelligence design, and in the future will provide a general understanding of various solutions Shamir offers for eyecare professionals and their patients.
“This is a groundbreaking way to provide lens education in our industry, and we are thrilled for eyecare professionals and their patients to experience augmented reality’s impact. It is a great way to learn, because it is educational and entertaining at the same time,” says Mark Becker, vice president of marketing and strategic partnerships.

Availability: To download the application, search “Shamir Augmented Reality” in either the Apple or Google Play Store. A tracker card can be downloaded from Shamir’s website and is needed to run the augmented reality experience.

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Optovue recently introduced a new non-mydriatic ophthalmic camera, Vivicon, which offers a touch-screen tablet interface with fully automatic alignment and image capture.

Close Up: Expanding its product offering for eyecare providers, Optovue’s Vivicon ophthalmic camera is an easy-to-use, non-mydriatic fundus camera that includes fully automatic 3D tracking and image capture, making the operation simple for technicians and comfortable for patients. Retinal and external images can be reviewed on the touch-screen tablet or exported to an exam lane or office network.

Vital Stats: The affordable Vivicon camera is commercially available in the U.S.


Coburn Technologies

Coburn Technologies is adding a new portable slit lamp to its diagnostics product line, the SK-LS-1B.

Description: The SK-LS-1B portable slit lamp is an ideal solution for ophthalmology, optometry and veterinary practices. With its handheld operation, users are able to examine patients who don’t have ability or cannot sit comfortably at a traditional slit lamp. It is extremely light and portable, and comes in a custom case to easily carry and store.

“We saw an opportunity in the industry for a user-friendly, more mobile solution for slit lamp examination in eyecare professionals’ practices and wanted to offer something that expanded our current SK family product offering,” says Alex Incera, president of Coburn Technologies.

Wayne Labrecque, vice president of sales for Coburn Technologies notes, “Our customers are always looking for portability in their practice and being a handheld device running on batteries, the SK-LS-1B gives them just that.”


  • One-hand operation: A built-in one-touch magnification switch makes it easier for doctors to perform inspections.
  • Increased slit angle: Built with a maximum illumination angle of 60 degrees helps practitioners and veterinarians get a better slit view of the cornea.
  • Long-term operation with AA batteries: Powered by either AA rechargeable or dry cell batteries, the SK-LS-1B operates for more than four hours after being fully charged.
  • Stronger LED illumination: Designed with 3,500K color temperatures for prestige viewing, while helping users relieve visual fatigue.
  • iPhone Adaptable: Able to connect with an iPhone using an optional attachment to capture images through the slit lamp.

Availability: The SK-LS-1B is FDA approved and now available through Coburn Technologies.

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CheckedUp, a specialty point of care and patient education company, is adding several new product features to optimize their health care decision technology. With over 5,000 eyecare professionals in the CheckedUp network, the technology empowers patients during their health care journey by engaging and educating them about their care, preventions, conditions and treatment options.

Content on the platform is utilized in over 40 million patient visits annually across all eyecare specialties including glaucoma, retina, optometry, cornea and cataract.

Features: To further improve these patient visits and maintain its impact in a patient-centric health industry, CheckedUp has made several updates to both the Explorer Waiting Room TV and CheckedUp Consult Digital Exam Room Wallboard. CheckedUp Explorer helps build awareness and provide education to patients as they wait for their appointment. CheckedUp Consult improves the patient-physician dialogue and productivity by quickly and easily presenting conditions and educational content. Physicians can zoom, rotate and annotate on 3D anatomical renderings and share them directly with their patients and caregivers via email.

Engaging Visuals: To further its engaging and interactive experience, CheckedUp Explorer now features a full screen takeover to help highlight and focus patients on specific treatment and procedure options.

Extended Education: Patients now have the opportunity to enter “text to” campaigns. This includes an opt-in to brand CRM campaigns and to download patient discussion guides to their personal devices in the moments just before they see their physician.

Virtual Counselor: CheckedUp Consult now delivers an augmented experience by bringing virtual specialty counselors into the exam room with 32-inch full-screen takeovers. The counselor helps streamline and optimize pre and post operation/procedure discussions. The full-size video makes the patient feel as if they are in a personalized conversation with a registered surgical counselor.



Lenspod is a cleaner, modern option for storing contact lenses. Lenspod is made of surplus Corian, an eco-friendly, anti-microbial material used in hospitals.

Features: The Lenspod is comprised of two identical pieces, held tightly together by a recessed magnetic locking system, making for leak-proof travel. The innovative patent-pending shape features a complete internal sphere for each lens to be held in. This shape ensures your lens is fully submerged in solution regardless of how the Lenspod is situated. Store your Lenspod logo up for a fun look, or turn it over for modern simplicity. Lenspod is about the same length as your old plastic screwtop case and a bit higher, to account for those internal spheres. An engraved L and R inside the Lenspod direct you where to put each of your lenses.

Availability: A variety of colors are available.