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Zeiss SmartLife lenses feature a new lens design concept that addresses the evolving visual needs and challenges posed by today’s digital busy lifestyle. The concept is based on SmartLife Technologies, a proprietary lens design technology developed to address the visual requirements of people interacting with their handheld devices.

Features: Over the past 10 years, the shift toward using technology while on the go has profoundly changed the way we use our eyes and resulted in a growing number of eyeglass wearers reporting symptoms such as eyestrain, tired eyes, and head and neck aches. Zeiss researchers explored this trend to determine how eyeglass lenses could evolve in response to the 21st century digital lifestyle.

The new Zeiss SmartLife lens portfolio is designed around our modern lifestyle with the goal of offering greater all-day comfort. The new portfolio is further fine-tuned by age group and visual requirements, from Gen Z to the Baby Boomer generation.

“The constant use of smart devices on the move has dramatically altered the way we use our eyes,” says Jens Boy, president of Zeiss Vision Care North America. “Until today, ophthalmic lenses were not designed to address this type of visual behavior. Zeiss SmartLife is a game changer that will support greater visual comfort for patients of all ages, regardless of their prescription needs. We look forward to seeing how patients and our partners in the eyecare market will experience the real-world benefits of the new Zeiss SmartLife portfolio.”

SmartLife lenses are based on four design principles that in combination meet the individual requirements of a dynamic connected lifestyle for adults of all ages.

  • Clear Optics provides precision in every step of lens design and fabrication.
  • Thin Optics improves aesthetics by achieving the best in thin and light lenses.
  • Smart Dynamic Optics and Age Intelligence establish a new technology platform called SmartView. These new technologies provide a new object space model that accounts for today’s visual dynamics while providing a smoother distribution of powers to improve vision during eye movements that cover a larger area of the lens. This is an adaptive lens design technology to address every visual stage of our life.

Age Intelligence technology accounts for the change in pupil size according to the wearer’s age, and it is an important aspect of the SmartLife lens design concept. This new lens design method improves upon Zeiss Luminance Design Technology 2.0 by calculating dioptric powers using the entire beam of light passing through the pupil instead of using a chief ray without considering the real pupil diameter. SmartLife lens design technology determines pupil size by the wearer’s age. Age is compared to a table of expected values of pupil size, and the chosen pupil size is a parameter used in the lens design software optimization calculation to determine the prescription surface and generate a data points file for the application of the design to the lens surface. Pupil size as a parameter in lens surface calculations influences the targeted distribution of lens powers and viewing distances established by a new object-space model.

Availability: Zeiss SmartLife single vision, digital and progressive lenses are now available to all independent Zeiss eyecare professionals nationwide.



EnChroma Cx1 Indoor DT, an improved indoor lens designed specifically for deutan-type color blindness, is now available for purchase online at enchroma.com. The new glasses, available in adult and kids’ frame styles, and in prescription for those who need refractive correction had previously only been available from eyecare professionals through the EnChroma Authorized Retailer network in the U.S., Europe and Canada.

Features: The EnChroma Indoor DT is one of four lenses within the EnChroma Cx series: a collection of lens solutions engineered to address the most common types of color blindness across a diverse range of lighting conditions. Consistent with its predecessors, the new EnChroma Cx1 Indoor DT lens is also made with Trivex lens material, providing 100 percent UV protection and full prescription compatibility for those who need refractive correction.

EnChroma’s patented lens technology is engineered with special optical filters to remove wavelengths of light where the red and green cones in the eye have excessive overlap. This enhances the separation between color channels to help those with color vision deficiency see colors more vibrantly, clearly and distinctly, helping them to overcome everyday obstacles and access more of life’s colorful experiences.

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