By Essilor

It’s a fact - people are spending more time in front of computer screens and smartphones than ever before. Increasingly digital lifestyles often dictate that PAL wearers adopt rigid, uncomfortable positions in their daily lives. New Varilux Comfort Max lenses adapt to the wearer's natural posture, delivering the 20/Happy vision they desire, and providing postural flexibility for all day long vision comfort. Join us for this ABO credit-earning webinar to learn how Varilux Comfort Max lenses will help you elevate your mid-range progressive offering, bring new patients into the category with a lens preferred by 9/10 new PAL wearers*, and drive better patient retention.

*Wearers who answered 'yes' – yes/no to ‘want to continue wearing Comfort Max lens‘ – n=49/53 new PAL wearers

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