By Opticians Association of America

As many opticals across the country are slowly opening or preparing to open, the OAA feels the most important help we can give you now is guidance. We continue to be encouraged as we see firsthand the strengths of the optician stand out during this time: ingenuity, resourcefulness, creativity, and resolve. You are amazing!

The OAA has shared HOYA’s Safety Protocol for Optical Practices. Protocols have been prepared to provide general information about applicable safety recommendations for global use. They are a collection of measures to be implemented in optical practices, in line with the health authorities’ indications.

Anagram (formerly known as Patch) is partnering with the OAA to provide a Free Revenue Discovery Report for all its members. And when we say free, we actually mean FREE! Anagram/Patch is offering to perform a FREE insurance accounts receivable review to make sure you are receiving everything you should have from the insurance companies. For the price of nothing, your office will be taught to understand revenue, claim status, and a personalized playbook on how to move forward to make sure you get paid from insurance companies. You can schedule a chat with an accounts receivable specialist to get started

The Vision Council presents Your Guide to Getting Back to Business, Managing the Tough Times—and Thriving Again, a new website, featuring content specially curated by a task force of vision community leaders and sponsored by The Vision Council, to serve as a comprehensive resource to help eyecare providers navigate the complex journey from shutdown back to "new normal" business conditions.

The OAA is dedicated to providing resources to opticians during these difficult times. Your safety and well-being continue to be our priority!