Welcome to 2020, the year that will remind everyone about their vision every day! As Editor-in-Chief James Spina noted, everyone will be saying the name of this magazine for the whole year. For eyecare professionals, this year is a one time only event, a unique opportunity to promote eye and vision health for all. And 20/20 Magazine is your proud partner in that endeavor.

Stay on top of the latest eyewear and trends with a look toward what’s next. There are continual advances in lenses, equipment, manufacturing, distribution and dispensing; we’re your source for information on new technology. You can get fresh ideas for retail strategies and creating the ultimate customer experience. Learn about the best in optical retailing with real stories from entrepreneurs. Gain insight into the state of the industry with data and expert analysis. Get personal answers to your questions about any aspect of the profession with our advice column. And of course, there are training and education resources. Our articles and accredited continuing education courses cover frames, lenses, contact lenses, eye health, best practices and more in one exciting package!

Pro to Pro is committed to delivering what those in the know need to know in order to lead in the new future of optical. Claim the horizon by seeing what’s happening now, ahead of the competition. As Arie de Geus, former head of Shell Oil Company’s Strategic Planning Group said, “The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.” The more we know, the better we can create our own unique brand. We become better mentors to empower our associates and better serve our patients. We gain patient loyalty by giving them the best vision possible because we know the what, how and why of vision care solutions. Knowledge gives us the confidence to reach out and educate our communities about the importance of vision and eye health.

We are part of an amazing profession that integrates fashion, science, technology and health. It offers myriad career paths such as entrepreneur, sales representative, manager, researcher, teacher and the list goes on. Make 2020 the year of your own vision. Whatever you may see on your horizon, it will include an informed and educated you. Let 20/20 and Pro to Pro be your resource to help achieve that vision. Keep looking forward, and have a happy and successful 2020!

Linda Conlin
Pro to Pro Managing Editor
[email protected]