It was an honor indeed being personally greeted and hosted by JOHN VARVATOS in a behind-the-scenes photo shoot devoted to his upcoming Artisan collection of eyewear. And to say his rock ’n’ roll roots were in max volume would likely be an understatement. Varvatos guided 20/20 through every single shot where eyewear combined with a huge variety of incredible guitars showing how the details of a variety of guitars inspired the incredible aspects of design now inherent to his new spec collection.


And the inspiration didn’t stop there as Varvatos basically halted the whole shoot to accent his passion for music with precious memories of his ongoing devotion to the players and power of rock. His passion for the ultimate power chord has empowered virtually every aspect of his design ethic, and he certainly fueled De Rigo Rem senior creative director Tatiana De Arruda Penteado when it came to finessing so many unique aspects of every frame in the collection. We’ve got lots more to reveal but for the moment, revel in these glimpses and get ready for a whole new take on John Varvatos Eyewear.

–James J. Spina