What does a Michelin star chef and eyewear have in common? Safilo answers this question in partnership with acclaimed chef Giorgio Locatelli, the new brand ambassador for its SAFILO optical collection.

With a renowned career as a chef and restaurateur, Locatelli has earned several Michelin stars and is considered among the finest Italian chefs in the world. He has appeared as a judge on several seasons of “MasterChef Italy” and is currently chef patron at Locanda Locatelli in London. As the face of the new campaign, Locatelli celebrates the excellence of Safilo Made in Italy eyewear, sharing a common vision on creative innovation and unique “savoir-faire.” The idea behind this combination of Italian cuisine and the new Safilo optical collection is the core values shared by both parties: unmistakable Made in Italy expertise and the impeccable innovation required not only to create the perfect dish but to design and manufacture the perfect Safilo frame—ultimately striking the ideal balance between form and substance. The greatest attention to detail, the never-ending quest for excellence in offering products with the most premium qualities, along with skillful craftsmanship to create true works of art, and the constant search for new materials and innovative combinations are all features that Locatelli shares with Safilo.

The partnership is a continuation of a similar brand ambassador initiative conducted in 2019 with Michelin rated Italian chefs Enrico Bartolini and Andrea Berton. The celebrated chefs and the new Safilo optical frames co-starred in a series of exquisite images captured on camera in their natural habitat—the kitchen and the restaurant. Locatelli carries on the tradition and gives new life to his unique creations, wearing distinctive Safilo frames to complement his daily look.

“I appreciate the Safilo eyewear collection and share its key values, such as the great attention to the details, the use of materials of exceptional quality and the excellence of the product: These are the same pillars that are fundamental also in my job which, in the same way, is the result of passion, discipline and expertise,” says Locatelli. “My favorite Safilo styles are those with rounded shapes in crystal or clear Havana acetate, of which I love the feeling of lightness and a comfort of vision, with their transparent frame around my eyes.”

The new Safilo optical collection celebrates the brand’s unique heritage of superior design, functional innovation and Made in Italy expertise. The frames are characterized by sophisticated styles that blend classic and contemporary shapes with a modern touch, dedicated to true eyewear aficionados and Italian cuisine foodies alike.

–Christine Yeh