Essilor and Michelin have launched a global awareness campaign, “Together for Safe Mobility: Check Your Vision, Check Your Tires.” The campaign sprang from Movin’On, an international online event held recently that both companies participated in.

The campaign brings together brand ambassadors the Michelin Man and Max, who urge drivers to check their vision and their tires before getting on the road again. In a joint statement, Essilor and Michelin emphasized that these actions are particularly critical today, as people progressively get back on the roads again in the context of COVID-19.

The campaign will have a global reach and will be deployed progressively in pilot countries where dedicated recommendations will be made available, encouraging the wider public to take action with professionals in both the eyecare and tires industries. The campaign will first be released through digital channels with common visuals pushed through the two groups’ social media accounts. The joint initiative builds on the recent update of the United Nations’ recommendations to countries for enhancing national road safety systems.

    –Andrew Karp