Photographed by Marissa Roseillier
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Poaching from their Dad, Jagger (L) wears John Varvatos Cooper V517 and Jude (R) wears John Varvatos Stardust V519

Jude wears Lucky Brand D806

Jagger wears Converse K303

Jude wears Converse K304

We’re big fans of De Rigo Rem creative director Nicolas Roseillier. And we love that he always wants to “take over” 20/20 features and pages (and… likely, someday, the full content of a 20/20 issue!) and fill those spots with fascinating takes on his “vision” in every sense of the word.

But for THIS instance we made the first move asking him and his equally creative wife, pro photographer Marissa,
to put on their thinking caps and come up with a themed photo shoot of kids’ eyewear as sported by their intensely wonderful boys Jagger and Jude. (Yes… names sourced via “Mick Jagger” and “Hey Jude” so you had to know we were on the same wavelength!)

So the full Roseillier clan with specs in hand hit the road for a spell of summer sizzle at The Joshua Tree Desert and into Palm Springs with the added respite of a pool to cool down our young titans.

Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Nico, Oh Marissa… What you see here is a 20/20 takeover driving home the power and place of children’s eyewear in a manner and matter that speak worlds to the World of Optical.

–James J. Spina