Photo: Alec Byrne

This capture of David Bowie just slightly predates his actual attention-getting status as a true rock ’n’ roll star in the United States. The permed and curly golden locks are part of the giveaway. It is a look he would never revert to once his Ziggy Stardust persona hit and was soon followed by his Thin White Duke phase. But perhaps the biggest note gets struck by his enormous “bubble” spex that are not all that distant from many of the sport sunglasses highlighted in the features of this 20/20 Sport Eyewear issue. If you look closely at the reflection in Bowie’s glasses, you can spy photographer Alec Byrne trying to cope with a problem near universal to anyone trying to document sunglass glory up close and personal. This portrait is likely one of Byrne’s most famous, and we are ever grateful for the chance to share it with our readers.    

Visit in order to peruse many of the other images by Byrne and also have a look at his book London Rock with its rich treasure of rock and pop culture captures. In a future issue, we’ll be detailing more info about this incredible book and the pioneering photographer Alec Byrne.

–James J. Spina